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How learning English helped Heung-min son | learn English with Cambridge
IELTS speaking how to get a high band score
Past simple and past perfect tense in English
3 differences between spoken and written English

First Two English Learning Videos

Meet Greg | Learn English with Cambridge
Meet Maria | Learn English with Cambridge

About Learn English with Cambridge Channel

This Youtube channel name is Learn English with Cambridge and helps people to learn English online. Learn English with Cambridge YouTube channel theme is “Specific bits of real-world English” and this learning English channel is created on Jul 16, 2018, by Cambridge Press & Assessment.

As you know that Learn English with Cambridge YouTube channel helps people to improve their English language. This channel, Learn English with Cambridge is located in the United Kingdom based on YouTube data. And maybe you have a question like this channel enabled Join feature on YouTube? The answer is no.

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  1. How learning English helped Heung-min son
  2. IELTS speaking how to get a high band score
  3. Past simple and past perfect tense in English
  4. 3 differences between spoken and written English
  5. 5 common English acronyms used in work emails
  6. What is elision? Improve your English speaking and listening
  7. How to use the present simple tense
  8. 10 top tips for parents helping their children learn online
  9. City and town vocabulary
  10. We’re looking for new presenters!
  11. 5 phrases for comparing and contrasting
  12. 3 lesson starters for teachers
  13. How to use the verb ‘have got’
  14. Using the second conditional to talk about imaginary situations
  15. Learn 5 popular new English words
  16. Using games and apps to practise English
  17. Differences between the words ‘speak’, ‘talk’ and ‘say’
  18. Introducing Learn English with Cambridge
  19. How to learn English quickly
  20. Alternatives to the word ‘very’ in English
  21. 6 food idioms in English
  22. 8 facts about IELTS
  23. Practising English with Kahoot! quizzes
  24. How to use comparative adjectives
  25. 3 alternatives to ‘I don’t know’ in English
  26. Using social media for learning English
  27. How to improve your English speaking with online tools
  28. How to use the word of the year
  29. Improve your speaking skills at home
  30. Shopping in Bangkok with LoukGolf
  31. How to express opinions politely in English
  32. How to take online teaching back to the physical classroom
  33. Present perfect continuous in English
  34. Alternatives to saying ‘thank you’ in English
  35. Improve your learning inside and outside the classroom
  36. English phrases for job interviews
  37. Improve your English pronunciation with 3 tongue twisters
  38. Using tongue twisters to practise pronunciation
  39. Easy linkers and openers to use in Cambridge speaking and writing exams
  40. Exploring Accents: Newcastle vs. London
  41. English idioms based on body parts
  42. Accepting or rejecting invitations in English
  43. 10 idioms to express different emotions
  44. Adjectives for describing food in English
  45. Tips to improve your grammar

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