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Created DateAug 16, 2012
Channel ThemeHelping people prepare for tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT.
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How to increase your vocabulary
3 tips for sounding like a native speaker
10 GET Phrasal Verbs: get down, get off, get through, get up, get away…
Writing Skills: The Paragraph

First Two English Learning Videos

How does stress change the meaning of a sentence?
6 words with meanings that will surprise you

About Adam’s English Lessons – engVid Channel

This Youtube channel name is Adam’s English Lessons and helps people to learn English online. Adam’s English Lessons · engVid YouTube channel theme is “Helping people prepare for tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT.” and this learning English channel is created on Aug 16, 2012, by, Adam.

As you know that Adam’s English Lessons · engVid YouTube channel helps people to improve their English language. This channel, Adam’s English Lessons is located in Canada based on YouTube data. And maybe you have a question like this channel enabled Join feature on YouTube? The answer is no.

If you have a business query about this YouTube channel, you can contact via [email protected] They tend to reply to this kind of email on weekdays. Please be patient to get a response from them.

If you want to learn what kind of YouTube videos are there on this channel, we have created a list of the most popular 36 videos subjects for you. If you are a content creator for people who want to learn English online, this list can help you.

  1. Writing skills: the paragraph
  2. IELTS writing task 1 – what to write!
  3. Vocabulary – though, although, even though, despite, in spite of
  4. Learn English grammar: the sentence
  5. To or for? Prepositions in English
  6. IELTS – 3 reading strategies
  7. Phrasal verbs with take: “take to”, “take in”, “take after”…
  8. The 4 English sentence types – simple, compound, complex, compound-complex
  9. Writing – transitions – in addition, moreover, furthermore, another
  10. My top 10 tips for better English speaking
  11. IELTS & TOEFL writing task 2 – the introduction
  12. Learn English: how to understand native speakers
  13. Advanced English grammar: noun clauses
  14. Writing – transitions – therefore, thus, consequently
  15. IELTS – the 5 step study plan
  16. The passive: when, why, and how to use it
  17. 6 words with meanings that will surprise you
  18. Ielts speaking: improve your fluency with the lasagna method
  19. English grammar: negative prefixes – “un”, “dis”, “in”, “im”, “non”
  20. How to sound like a native speaker: the secret
  21. Toefl writing – task 1
  22. English grammar – causative
  23. Travel English: how to go through customs at the airport
  24. Learn English grammar: the adjective clause (relative clause)
  25. Learn medical vocabulary in English
  26. Learn polite expressions in English – don’t be rude!
  27. Advanced English grammar: dependent clauses
  28. Learn English grammar: the subjunctive – “I wish…”
  29. Either, neither, so, too – how to agree and disagree in English
  30. Learn punctuation: period, exclamation mark, question mark
  31. Mixed verb tenses in English: conditionals and if clauses
  32. Classroom English: vocabulary & expressions for students
  33. Advanced English grammar: participles
  34. Grammar: how to use if & whether properly
  35. Learn English vocabulary: other, another, others, the other, otherwise
  36. English grammar – inversion: “had I known…”, “Should you need…”

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