YouTube Channels to Learn English

The world’s second-biggest search engine is YouTube. Of course, number one is Google by himself. People tend to search on Youtube whatever they want to find. Cooking recipes, university lessons, travel advice, financial information or how to build a house from scratch, all this information is on YouTube for free. Learning English is one of them.

You can find tons of knowledge on YouTube. There are a lot of YouTube Channels that teach English for free to their audience. These YouTube channels help millions of people to learn English. Just imagine that 50 years ago there were only books which are helping people who want to learn English. Today, everything has been changed, and you can learn what you want from YouTube.

Can You Learn English via Youtube?

YouTube is a great place to learn new things and improve your skills. There are many channels that teach you how to speak English, and some of them are very good. We have listed some of these YouTube channels on this post. You can find these English teaching YouTube channels with their channel stats and information.

Watching videos on Youtube is a great way to learn English. You can find a lot of useful videos that teach you the language from the basics to more advanced topics.

The best thing about learning from Youtube is that it’s free and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. So, you do not have to pay for a tutor who teaches you the English language. You only need a device with an internet connection and watch YouTube videos.

Learning English via Youtube is not as straightforward as it seems, though. There are many different ways of learning English and some methods might suit you better than others. It’s always good to experiment with different methods and find out what works for you. That’s why we recommend you to use YouTube videos on your English learning journey.

We can say that learning English is a journey. There are many different learning methods to learn the English language. Watching videos is one of them. Listening to stories and reading books are others methods to learn English. That’s why we can say that learning English with Youtube definitely possible for everyone.

In our opinion, YouTube is one of the best ways to learn anything. You can follow video lessons at your own pace and you go back to what you don’t understand.

If you want to learn English with YouTube, you need to watch English teaching videos regularly. Every day, you can pick a video and watch them.

Which YouTube channel is the best to learn English?

The best YouTube channels to learn English are Linguamarina and English with James from engVid. Of course, there are many different YouTube channels to learn English and they focus on different subjects about learning English but these channels have fun and their hosts are so funny.

YouTube is a great platform to learn English. There are many channels on YouTube that are designed to teach English. One of the best channels on YouTube for learning English is TED-ED. They have videos with subtitles in both English and Spanish, so it’s great for learners of any level!

There are many other channels on YouTube that have videos with subtitles in multiple languages, so you can find one that suits your interests and level of English.

Is YouTube a good way to learn English?

Yes. YouTube is one of the best ways to learn English online by yourself. There are thousands of English learning related videos on YouTube and most of them have tons of knowledge. People use YouTube to learn a lot of information.

Does watching videos on YouTube help to learn the English language?

Yes, watching videos on Youtube is one of the best ways to learn the English language. YouTube has a wide range of videos for learners of English.

It can be used as a source of information about English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and idioms; it also provides you with the opportunity to learn by observing people who are better at speaking English than you are.

Watching videos on YouTube is a popular choice for people who are learning the English language. But with so many videos out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are the most helpful. This web page helps you to find people who teach the English language on YouTube. You can start watching these YouTube channels English teaching videos to learn English.

There are plenty of video resources for learning English available on YouTube. But you need to make sure that you find videos that match your needs. Different people will prefer different topics and levels of difficulty depending on their current stage in their language journey. That’s why YouTube is a great resource for English learners.

Full List of YouTube Channels that are teaching you the English language

  1. Linguamarina
  2. SuperEnglish
  3. English with LinguaTrip!
  4. MyEnglishTeacher
  5. English with Lucy
  6. English Addict with Mr Duncan
  7. BBC Learning English
  8. JenniferESL
  9. Learn English with EnglishClass101
  10. VOA Learning English
  11. Learn English with Bob the Canadian
  12. Learn English With TV Series
  13. Shaw English Online
  14. To Fluency
  15. Learn English with Jessica
  16. Speak English With Vanessa
  17. Learn English with Gill · engVid
  18. Learn English with Rebecca · engVid
  19. Learn English Through Story
  20. Learn English with Papa Teach Me
  21. Learn English Everyday
  22. Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons
  23. Learn English Now · engVid
  24. Benjamin’s English
  25. Learning Time with Timmy
  26. English Jade
  27. Smile and Learn
  28. British Council | LearnEnglish
  29. Listen and Learn English
  30. Learn English with Cambridge
  31. Learn English with Harry
  32. English with Emma · engVid
  33. Easy Learn English – LearningGO
  34. LETS – Learn English Through Story
  35. Love English with Leila & Sabrah
  36. Happy Learning English
  37. Learn English with Steve Ford
  38. Cambridge English
  39. Adam’s English Lessons · engVid
  40. Learn English with Alice
  41. Learn English Through Story For Free
  42. English with Alex · engVid English Classes
  43. Learn English Lab
  44. English with Ronnie · EnglishLessons4U with engVid
  45. Learn English by Pocket Passport
  46. Oxford Online English
  47. English with Veronika Mark
  48. 7ESL Learning English
  49. English Speaking Success

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