Channel NameJenniferESL
HostJennifer Recio Lebedev
Created DateJul 15, 2007
Channel ThemeCommunicate more confidently and effectively in English
Business Contactjenniferlebedev {at}
LocationUnited States
Is join enabled?Yes
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Lesson 1 – Learn English with Jennifer – Greetings
Lesson 2 – Learn English with Jennifer – More Greetings
Lesson 4 – Useful Expressions – Learn English with Jennifer
Lesson 3 – Greetings Throughout the Day – Learn English with Jennifer

First Two English Learning Videos

IDIOMS about the OUTDOORS – English Vocabulary
Lesson 2 – TH – English Pronunciation

About JenniferESL Channel

This Youtube channel name is JenniferESL and helps people to learn English online. JenniferESL YouTube channel theme is “Communicate more confidently and effectively in English” and this learning English channel is created on Jul 15, 2007, by Jennifer Recio Lebedev.

As you know that JenniferESL YouTube channel helps people to improve their English language. This channel, JenniferESL is located in the United States based on YouTube data. And maybe you have a question like this channel enabled Join feature on YouTube? The answer is yes.

If you have a business query about this YouTube channel, you can contact via [email protected] They tend to reply to this kind of email on weekdays. Please be patient to get a response from them.

If you want to learn what kind of YouTube videos are there on this channel, we have created a list of the most popular 21 videos subjects for you. If you are a content creator for people who want to learn English online, this list can help you.

  1. Learn how to say and use “comfortable” in American English
  2. Get out, come in, take on the most common phrasal verbs
  3. Grow up, set up, turn out most common phrasal verbs
  4. Give up, makeup, end up most common phrasal verbs
  5. Come out, go out, point out the most common phrasal verbs
  6. Come up, go back, find out the most common phrasal verbs in English
  7. Idioms and sayings about laughter – English vocabulary
  8. The u.S. The government explained for English language learners
  9. The U.S. States, capitals, regions & time zones – learn them all!
  10. Talking about race and racism in us – advanced English conversation
  11. Intensifiers and downtoners in American English conversation
  12. How and when to use the passive voice – English grammar
  13. Let’s discuss movies! How to talk about the cast, the plot and more!
  14. Prescriptive and descriptive grammar – learn English with Jennifer
  15. The modal verb would learn English grammar through movies!
  16. Conversation skills: how to end a conversation “I gotta get going” and more!
  17. Conversation skills: 5 ways to say “don’t rush.” Learn English with Jennifer
  18. Conversation skills: saying no “no can do” and more!
  19. Conversation skills: considering possibilities “for the sake of the argument” and more!
  20. Conversation skills: emphasizing an idea learn 3 expressions!
  21. Conversation skills: softening your speech master the art!

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