Channel NameTo Fluency
Created DateOct 15, 2014
Channel ThemeImprove your English, especially, your speaking and listening
Business Contactjack {at}
LocationUnited States
Is join enabled?Yes
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Learn English podcast: daily routine
Secrets to advanced English listening skills – Finally understand native speakers
How to evaluate your own level of English – Watch this to find out (a1-c2)
Learn English podcast: You must do this to improve fast

First Two English Learning Videos

The Perfect Time to Get on the Road to English Fluency
The Power of Setting Goals for Your English Learning Journey

About To Fluency Channel

This Youtube channel name is To Fluency and helps people to learn English online. To Fluency YouTube channel theme is “Improve your English, especially, your speaking and listening” and this learning English channel is created on Oct 15, 2014, by Jack.

As you know that “To Fluency” YouTube channel helps people to improve their English language. This channel, To Fluency, is located in the United States based on YouTube data. And maybe you have a question like this channel enabled Join feature on YouTube? The answer is yes.

If you have a business query about this YouTube channel, you can contact via [email protected] They tend to reply to this kind of email on weekdays. Please be patient to get a response from them.

If you want to learn what kind of YouTube videos are there on this channel, we have created a list of the most popular 20 videos subjects for you. If you are a content creator for people who want to learn English online, this list can help you.

  1. Learn English podcast: daily routine
  2. Secrets to advanced English listening skills [5 powerful tips] – finally understand native speakers
  3. How to evaluate your own level of English – watch this to find out (a1-c2)
  4. Learn English podcast: you must do this to improve fast
  5. Advanced English conversation: talking jobs and time off (British & American English with subtitles)
  6. Advanced English: can you understand this real conversation? (Topic: 2020)
  7. You will never speak English fluently unless you do this (4 tips)
  8. Advanced English conversation: talking about food in the UK, USA, and Spain
  9. Learn English: talking about daily routines (new phrases + listening practice)
  10. Learn English: how to become fluent on your own at home [powerful tips]
  11. Fun English grammar lesson: past simple vs present perfect – learn the difference (examples + quiz)
  12. No.1 Technique for learning new English words and speaking English fluently (10 mins per day)
  13. Learn English podcast: phones and social media (with subtitles)
  14. Will vs be going to vs present continuous: talk about the future in English (jack explains)
  15. You will never speak English fluently unless you do this
  16. Learn everyday English (vlog) – Winter is coming – Learn English & improve your listening
  17. Learn English podcast: real English conversation (talking about thanksgiving)
  18. Advanced English conversation: Love (learn real English w/ subtitles)
  19. How long does it take to become fluent in English? How can I get fluent fast?
  20. How to get English speaking practice online (and what to avoid doing!)

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