Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Biography

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actor. He was born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada to Jeremy Bieber and Patricia Mallette. As a young child, Justin had an acute interest in music and began taking singing lessons at the age of 12.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Biography

Angelina Jolie is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Throughout her career, she has received numerous awards for her remarkable work in the film industry and for her humanitarian efforts. She was born on June 4, 1975, in Los Angeles, California

Gary Soto

Gary Soto Biography

Gary Soto is an acclaimed American poet, born in 1952 to Mexican-American parents. He grew up in Fresno, California and was the eldest of five children. His father worked as a migrant farm worker while his mother stayed at home, taking care of the family.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Biography

Mother Teresa, born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, is widely regarded as one of the most inspiring figures of the 20th century. Her unwavering dedication to helping the poor, sick, and marginalized has touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

Dr Mehmet Oz

Dr Mehmet Oz Biography

​​Mehmet Oz was born in 1960 in Cleveland, Ohio, to parents of Turkish descent. Growing up, Oz was interested in both medicine and show business. After graduating from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Oz began his career as a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Donald John Trump

Donald Trump Biography

Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York. He is the son of Fred and Mary Trump. Fred was a real estate developer who built and sold affordable housing in Brooklyn and Queens. Mary was a homemaker and helped with her husband’s business.


Beyoncé Biography

Beyoncé was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur. Her father was a music executive and her mother was a fashion designer.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. His parents were Hermann and Pauline Einstein. He grew up in Munich and attended a Catholic elementary school from the age of five until he was ten years old. After leaving school, he taught himself mathematics and physics from several books he purchased with his own money. His parents were soon concerned about his lack of formal education, so they sent him to the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich in 1896.