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Directions for Brad Pitt’s Biography

Step 1: Listen to the Brad Pitt Biography and take notes.
Step 2: Read the biography if desired to check your notes or learn more.
Step 3: Answer 10 questions and check your answers based on the biography.
Step 4: Find the next biography to make practice more.

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Step 1: Listen and take notes

Please push the play button on the audio player and listen to Brad Pitt’s Biography. When you listen to this audio please take notes on a piece of paper.



Step 2: Read Brad Pitt’s Biography

Brad Pitt (William Bradley Pitt) is an American actor and film producer. Born on December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, he was the son of Jane Etta Hillhouse and William Alvin Pitt. He went to Kickapoo High School before transferring to the University of Missouri for a year before moving to Los Angeles where he began his acting career.

Brad Pitt has starred in a number of popular and critically acclaimed films, including Seven, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Moneyball and 12 Monkeys. He has also appeared in some major ensemble pieces such as Ocean’s Eleven and its sequels. He was nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Actor for his performance in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Moneyball.

Brad Pitt has also had a successful producing career, with several of his films earning critical acclaim and box office success. In 2014, he became a partner in the production company Plan B Entertainment which produces movies and television shows including The Departed and World War Z.

Brad Pitt is known for his strong social activism, especially when it comes to environmental issues. He is an avid supporter of the ONE Campaign, Make It Right Foundation and Global Green USA, among others. In addition, Brad Pitt founded the Jolie-Pitt Foundation which provides humanitarian relief around the world and supports international causes related to health and education.

In recent years, Brad Pitt has continued his successful acting career with lead roles in films such as Allied and War Machine. He has also continued his philanthropic work with the Make It Right Foundation, which he founded in 2006 to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

William Bradley Pitt is a celebrated actor and producer whose career spans more than three decades and numerous critically acclaimed films. His success onscreen has been matched by his commitment to social causes and humanitarian relief throughout the world. Brad Pitt continues to be one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, both for his roles in films and for his philanthropic work. Surrounding himself with passion projects, his strong commitment to social causes and humanitarian relief makes him a true Hollywood leading man.


Step 3: Answer Questions about Brad Pitt’s Biography



Brad Pitt

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