Our Super Method

English is not only a language but also a communication way. We believe that world’s most important communication way is English like the Internet. We improve our English teaching skills day by day using the Internet.

Our Super Method focus on you and your speaking skills. Super English helps you to speak English in fluently with native English speakers. On our systems, you can talk to native speaker when you want. This secret super method is going to teach you English.


Live Classes


You do not need to go to an English course outside home to learn English anymore. You can take classes at home, work or even if you are on vacation.

Live classes gather teachers and students together and let teachers give lessons same as on schools. Students can hear and see their teachers when they are online. You can take live classes by any device with an internet connection, you can ask questions to your teacher online and you can talk face to face with your teacher online too.

Native English Teachers

Learning English does not mean learning grammer only, you should also speak English well. You can learn speaking English with the native American teachers appropriately and fast.

Students that attends Super English online classes can speak English in a short while and they even have the advantage of speaking English in their career life/ job and also special life.


Prestigious Certificate


Super English provides you a participation certificate that involves your level. Thereby, you can show your English grade by sharing your certificate anywhere you want.

Business life accept and want English level certificate. Joining Super English gives you an opportunity to win a prestigious certificate. Learn Online English, get real certificate.

All certificates are reachable from’s web site. You can give people this link or write it on your CV.

Happy Students

I learned English when I was in high school but I could not speak English. I knew that I can improve my English with speaking foreigners. One of my friends adviced me to speak English fluently. When I joined this system, I could talk to American teachers and improve my English. And now, I can speak English fluently!

Sabahattin D.

I have to work too much and I spend many hours to reach home after work. So, I do not have much time to go to an English course or school. Therefore, I searched for an online English course, and I found I can easily join online classes at home or work and take lessons from American teachers. This system is wonderful.

Maria E. Tu.

When I started to search for an English course, I found Super English and decided to join this online course. And now, I can easily join online classes whenever and whereever I am.

Clare Se.

As I work at a foreign trade company, speaking English makes me an important employee. I want to say thanks to Super English for helping me speak English in a short while!

Alejandro Yb.

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